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Magic Assistant: can not control the computer keystrokes


Frequent press the mouse button, mouse damage.濡傛灉浣跨敤鈥滈紶鏍囧皬鍔╂墜鈥濓紝涓嶇敤鎸変笅榧犳爣閿紝鍙渶绉诲姩榧犳爣锛屽氨鑳芥搷鎺х數鑴戯紝澶濂囦簡銆?br />
Software Name: Mouse Small Assistant V3.1

Software size: 548KB


As long as the need to operate the mouse control (buttons, menus, links, folders, etc.), his assistant will automatically detect the control information, and automatically complete the mouse (click, or double-click, etc.). To do a demonstration, move the mouse to the desktop "My Documents" icon, you will find it automatically double click to open, and then moved to the "Start" button, it auto-click, pop up the Start menu.

Maybe in a short time not used on the mouse function automatically, this software provides a key to switch function, as long as the bottom right corner of the program icon on the desktop, right-click (or "F6" key) can open or close the automatic mouse function to facilitate your operations. To note that the idle process must put the mouse on the blank space, and do not arbitrarily move the mouse, or prone to misuse.

When the mouse at a certain button (or other control) to operate automatically on to the mouse this time, known as the automatic right "response rate", based on your familiarity with the mouse operation process, the "response rate" can be amended, also can modify the effective range of the mouse automatically.


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ZTE Hou Weigui: 5-10 years with the international giants on an equal footing

Hou Weigui did not think, in 1985, his venture south from Xi'an and now this is ZTE Corporation (the "ZTE"), chairman of the board, then the processing industry has become China's telecommunications manufacturing industry's largest listed company, today ZTE enough eyebrows around the world.

Recently, ZTE chairman Hou Weigui accepted the "First Financial" channel and "First Financial Daily," a joint interview. ZTE is the first financial "innovation of China Road" series of reports in the fifth station.

The international market, "28 Law"

In 1985, when the time ZTE has just established, the domestic telecommunications market is the domination of foreign communications companies. Since 2000, the international telecommunications industry experienced an unprecedented downturn, many business downturn, research and development are eroded. "It is in this opportunity, we have catching up." Hou Weigui said.

On the ZTE, the domestic market is far from its target, Hou Weigui view, the international company's future performance will be the development of major growth. In 2005, ZTE foreign markets for 35.1% of total revenue.

But the choice of the foreign markets, ZTE, and not the average development effort. According to Hou Weigui, ZTE invest in foreign markets and the strategic deployment of resources to meet basically the "28 rule", that is, 80% of the investment in developing countries, 20% in developed countries, the developed countries is still in the investment income on small stage, with the developed countries, the increase in orders, investment in the developed countries will be more and more.

Currently, ZTE overseas markets continued to focus on the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other developing countries, Europe and the United States and other developed markets is the focus of this year's breakthrough.

Hou Weigui said that because Europe and the United States market, ZTE, or just entering, the traditional supplier relationships with carriers is strong, even come up with a lower price, it is difficult to immediately enter the market; while for developing countries, and the more cost concern, ZTE more obvious cost advantage.

Hou Weigui pointed out that overall, the ZTE in the international market, the average purchase orders lower than Europe and the United States about 10% of large enterprises, as competitive conditions change rapidly, some orders even if the profit is low, because of market strategy considerations must be done .

3G R & D target

Although ZTE now has 4,000 patents, but acknowledged Hou Weigui, ZTE products in the application has no gap with foreign enterprises, but the core patents in a gap still exists.

Appears in the Hou Weigui: "We may also need 5 to 10 years of time trying to accumulate, to seize the opportunity, it is possible in some of the core patents to achieve equal footing with foreign enterprises."

"Ericsson and other foreign companies accounted for more than 90% of the 2G era market, we look inside is more difficult to squeeze. But not the same as 3G, we are all in the same starting point, especially in the domestic standard TD-SCDMA as the standard, So we are definitely better than 2G 3G era with relatively large market share growth. "

According to Hou Weigui, ZTE has three 3G standards to do a long format input and preparation, as many as in 2078, have three years minimum.

But still coming ZTE 3G business to keep cool enough. Hou Weigui that, due to licensing hours, and has the number of licenses and other factors, 3G can bring hundreds of billions of people have imagined, on the one trillion yuan of investment is hard to say. Although 3G can bring significant growth market, but the contribution rate of growth may not be like 56 years ago, you'd think.

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EVD GB Classic caught in foreign control of position to defend the right to speak

Yesterday, shareholders of the General Assembly just concluded Beijing E-EVD technology providers face multiple questions. As the E-world shareholder agreed to be introduced on the British Broadcasting Corporation, EVD will face a national standard by the foreign control of embarrassing situations. Yesterday afternoon, Jindianjituan Zhang Baoquan, chairman of the centennial auditorium to participate in the film "Mount Dingjun" premiere, said that this code has no intention to give up the right to speak on the EVD industry.

E-world foreign shareholder bent lead

The day before yesterday afternoon, the secret at the Friendship Hotel Fu States held a provisional shareholders meeting. Sources said a week ago, the day of general meeting of shareholders held in E-world main theme for the "recall" President Hao Jie, Jie Hao suspected of official occupation and was once detained by the police. To avoid the media, the General Assembly, the heavily guarded site. However, a shareholder representatives attended the meeting told reporters yesterday, to be found after the core issues throughout the meeting was changed, the last General Assembly adopted Fu NME country and the United Kingdom signed the cooperation agreement.

The shareholder representatives said the core issues throughout the meeting was concluded with the British NME Fu country's cooperation agreement. "In fact, this will not open meaning not open big, big shareholders, SVA is to bring together all voted in favor. Eventually Amoi, BBK, Kim Jong-il and the Beijing representative of the fire horse on the NME Microelectronics shareholders abstained from voting on the resolution The remaining 10 shareholders voted in favor. "

The shareholder representatives said on NME Radio to promote cooperation with E-world is not based on the development of EVD industry, but eager to recover the E-world's 20 million yuan of funds owed. Because in the E-world co-operation agreement with the NME clear that E-world is only to continue to cooperate with the NME, in order to get 2.5 million U.S. dollars. Continue to cooperate after the 28th of this month to 2.5 million U.S. dollars by the NME country designated by Fu to SVA.

The Shareholder Representative further said that in the course of the meeting, shareholders also on behalf of shareholders and the Supervisory Board re-election by show of hands vote, but the question did not involve the entire conference Jie Hao, Jie Hao did not attend the meeting that day.

As Wang Zhigang, general manager of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation chairman has resigned from the E-world job, the day's shareholder meeting, SVA is also proposed to serve as a consultancy named Executive Vice President E-World, the company president, Jie Hao's case before the end of , for the time being to maintain the normal operation of the company.

Be introduced first repayment being questioned

"This form of shareholders is a walk to force non-spot, we can not vote. In fact, throughout the meeting to express their views are on the radio and television, but things simply do not fly attract investment." Yesterday, a representative of the shareholders of participants expressed strongly questioned: "Investment NME neither the feasibility report, and no substantive discussions. the fundamental purpose of SVA is to recover the arrears."

"Even the introduction of NME, we still hope that these shareholders controlled by the Chinese side, but SVA ultimately the right to operate the E-world and hand over to the foreign capital. Is this for?" E-world's third-largest shareholder, Beijing Fire Horse Microelectronics behalf of Xu Feng said yesterday: "As a listed company, SVA holding the right of the more fancy than a mere 20 million yuan."

EVD's largest investor, Jindianjituan chairman Zhang Baoquan yesterday that he would, as it is not E-world shareholder, the inconvenience of the E-world board of directors position, but he thought: Since this code Jie Hao was charged in connection job occupation, according to a criminal priority, the introduction of the funds should be returned Jindianjituan, rather than on the radio and television.

"Jie Hao has been described in CD-ROM capacity of NME's technical advantages. But if the use of NME's technology, China is the entire disc players and CD production business enterprise not only to reinvent, but to pay huge royalties. Such a bother, but also altogether as we do with the control by a foreign patent Blu-ray DVD, pay the patent fees might also be less. Jie Hao intended simply doubtful. "Zhang Baoquan says to reporters yesterday.

This Code, the right words to defend EVD

Yesterday, a familiar scene Fu domestic industry sources, the E-world is much more than less on radio and television, Jindianjituan money. Little is known about E-World owed more than 1,000 yuan a pawn "usury." Jie Hao is currently released on bail, the police investigation is at a supplementary stage.

The source speculated that SVA will strongly contribute to the annual general meeting and the NME Fu States joint venture projects may still Jie Hao behind front. But the E-world of "hole" in the end how much I believe in the outstanding case before Jie Hao, none of the foreign listed companies will tend to add money to your E-world account.

In this regard, Zhang Baoquan said yesterday, Jie Hao has been telling stories with EVD, using these stories everywhere "Investment", "but in the end such a story can tell how long?"

Nevertheless, Zhang Baoquan still try to defend this code in the EVD industry voice. According to Zhang Baoquan introduced digital cinema era of China as China's first private digital cinema line, established only six months, and made great achievements, to the end of last year, has joined the development of nearly 400 screens throughout Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shaanxi , Shanxi, Hunan, Hubei, more than 20 provinces. Currently, funding 200 million yuan in the national plan to build 50 Studios has been fully pushed.

"Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Hunan have eight studios to identify and invest in construction sites, of which three have been in business selling tickets this month. Expected end of the year, time China joined the self and the screen will reach more than 3000 . then, we will become the largest Chinese film market, cinemas, you say eight major Hollywood studios Which will not give up easily EVD? "Zhang Baoquan speech full of confidence between the showing.

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Female Employment: Shuobo difficult job there is the cycle undergraduate

PRC's Kin Yan area coverage: Female graduate looking for a job as female undergraduate students - many in the "51" is still busy holiday fresh female graduate student looking for work and found this so difficult for them to accept.


Guangzhou, a key university graduate women of history is a small volume local biogenic Guangzhou, until "51" holiday, she had half a year in more than 30 units put in your resume, including "very few people interested, salary is not high" and popular units, but only in exchange for the five units in an interview.

History where a small volume professional, fresh graduate students more than 30 people, has identified the work of less than 1 / 3, mostly boys, a number of high academic achievers into the employment of female graduate students "persistent." And graduating with a no return of 28 undergraduate, after the Spring Festival almost finalized the work. A university career center in Guangzhou, a teacher told journalists on April 1 of this year, the school has 91% of undergraduate female students to implement, but not graduate signature rate of female graduates to Liu Cheng.

According to the Ministry of Personnel issued the employment of college graduates receiving survey, from 2003 to 2005, the graduate employment rate increased slightly, while the student is in school and the employer during the contract year by year the proportion has decreased - down 76.7% graduate from to 40.7%, undergraduate students dropped from 68.2% to 40%, the former fell 8% more than the latter.

Facing the "age embarrassing"

Press survey found that female graduate students face in the job "age embarrassed." They almost always asked to be married and the recruitment unit problem, some units even clear that "two years may not marry and have children," but this requirement does not in written form in the employment contract. Similar to the professional female graduate of Normal particularly widespread.

University of fresh political row in a female professional Master of small temperature, is planning to defer graduate school for a year and consider if it is still difficult to find work, then proceed to PhD. She says: "In a job on the road, a comparable level of men and women graduate students is difficult at the same starting line of fair competition, can only pin their hopes on a higher starting point." So, after reading Master Ph.D., a graduate of the frustration of some women choose. The problem is that the current education system, about 25-year-old master's graduate, doctoral graduate has nearly 30 years, female graduate student in marriage and childbirth is just the peak period, the employer had scruples.

There is "job cycle"

In this regard, a human resources company, said a senior business director, female master's and doctoral students seem to have entered a "vicious circle job": work hard to find time for Master impress others, but the more up time, the more difficult to find work.

Difficult job of all the female graduate students, has received attention in society. Chinese Academy of Social Labor and Social Security Research Centre-Wei Zhang believes that women graduate job search experience on the age and gender differences in treatment, because of the current job market is "buyer's market", the employer in a good position, female graduate job seekers I hardly make a difference, it should be called as soon as possible gender and age discrimination legislation.

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Official air strike 2 Cheats

AirStrike II

Enter the following password in the game and then Enter to activate the corresponding Cheats

invulnerability - God mode

showmetheweapons - get all weapons

deadlineisnear - direct clearance

diediediemydarling - Game over

glitteringprizes - all at full capacity value

moremoreweapons - get all the missiles

igonnaliveforever - get unlimited lives

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MSN "offline" stability remains a cause of disease remission

Recently, after many mainland MSN users log showed "offline" abnormal state of the problem. User log normal MSN, you can communicate normally and friends, but their status in your contact list has been displayed as "offline." Moreover, other countries and regions MSN users have encountered similar problems.

MSN side said, in China and some other countries and regions, MSN's services broke down, now the company is investigating the cause, when the repair back to normal can not be determined. Now able to determine that the failure of the server with nothing to do in China.

According to sources, as the matter related to operating level, MSN can not interfere in China's technology team, has been reported to headquarters to address.

Currently, MSN "off-line disease" has been eased, but when it can be completely resolved, MSN China, the relevant responsible person said, is still unknown.

Yesterday, MSN China Technology Forum has been nearly a hundred user submitted related issues. This past year, MSN is already the third big area of failure. Large area over the past two failures, the user can not log on problems encountered and frequent dropped calls. MSN in the past similarly "difficult to explain" the problem, MSN, and Microsoft, as it did in China made a detailed explanation, but soon return to normal.

MSN set up a server in China, though, but still will keep a "frequent dropped calls," "can not log in", "Information sent is lost," and so on, its stability is still worrisome.

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Corel TEXTURE probe density (b)

11. Next, we look at how the work surface. Click the layer order of the top layer, right side of the dialog box will become the surface the Options dialog box (Figure 12). This layer controls the texture details of the part of the combined effects of shading light layer of control. The control options are four, namely Roughness - roughness, Brilliance - gloss, Metallicity - metallic, Graininess - particles. Move the slider to observe the changes in the preview window. Click the dialog box above the drop-down menu, you can choose an existing model. Here, we will Roughness set 0.11, Graininess 0.05.

12. Let us look at lighting effects. Click on the surface of the three small light bulbs, adjusting the light dialog box. The role of these bulbs illuminated the surface texture. Click the corresponding 1,2,3 bulb switch, you can choose to open or close the source. Although in general we do not need special lighting we can clearly see the texture, (everything has exceptions, when you see the next step we will "shape and structure" dialog box to add except "Flat" other than form, or any edge, we need the support of at least one light source), but adding high-light and dark in tone, the more light will play a role. Mobile Ambient slider to change the light intensity. Move the pointer will change the light source position, from the color panel, drag the pointer on the color can change the lighting color. (Figure 13)

13. This is the control of the formation of the final texture - the shape and structure. This layer is in the order of the bottom layer. In this layer, you can add a variety of forms for the texture. Corel TEXTURE 10 has increased to eight kinds of texture patterns, which is quite rich! You can also add texture edge effect of varying degrees of relief. On the part of the specific details, we will be on the "Advanced Texture" section of the discussion, we simply maintain the original look. However, if a light source in the previous step with no choice, here's effects can not be achieved. Different light, great impact on the texture patterns. (Figure 14)

14. Now, you probably already have these layers of understanding, which is the texture image preview window into the time. In the Corel TEXTURE top of the screen menu bar and select Texture / Render to Window, the texture of a full preview will appear. This preview is when you save and export the final image, if satisfied, select the Texture / Render to File, the dialog box, select the export file path and image formats, you can choose to bmp, jpg, pcx, tga, tif five format to apply to different needs. Congratulations! The first texture has been born! (Figure 15)

15. In this texture will be applied to business cards before the last one still work to be done. Remember in the choice of texture resolution, we retained the default 72dpi it? We eventually hope to achieve business card size is 3.62 X 2.12 inches, a resolution of 200dpi, under 200 X 3.62 = 724,200 X 2.12 = 424, so we 72dpi resolution, the length and width of the texture are set to 724 pixels and 424 pixels. Now just in Corel PHOTO-PAINT (or other bitmap handler) to open the texture file you saved, select the Image / Resample command to adjust the texture size.

When the image size command dialog box appears on the screen, you will see in the image size of the column 10.0555 and 5.88889 inches, because a resolution of 72dpi's sake. Check the "Maintain aspect ratio" (to maintain aspect ratio) and Maintain original size (to keep original image size) option, the resolution to 200, then the screen will appear that we want the number - 3.62,2.12 . In this way, change the resolution, you can prepare to this pair of texture applied to your images to a. (Figure 16)

In fact, Corel TEXTURE, in the end we save the image before, you can File / Image Setup command to change the image resolution. However, there are only three resolutions to choose from, so we prefer to use the methods described earlier to achieve the objective.

If you convert between pixels and inches do not understand the words out, as long as the steps we have just used will not be out any errors. In the beginning we create a new texture, the resolution had been identified. For example, if a resolution of 200dpi, you want to get a 5 X 7-inch image, then you enter 1000 X 1400, in the texture into a file, use software replacement bitmap size, the change resolution before select "keep file size" option, then the resolution to 200dpi on it.

These are the basis of usage of Corel TEXTURE, with these simple steps, you can easily generate the thousands of kinds of texture. If you are not satisfied with creating these stones, wood texture, then the following we will discuss is how to use Corel TEXTURE to create a more realistic effect. Here we are coming into some advanced topics.


1. Run Corel PHOTO-PAINT, CorelDRAW comes with a third Open CD-ROM, select the path Photos/Pets/891005.wi, open this puppy picture. (Figure 17)

2. Application of the replacement image size command in the image size in proportion to the image reduced to 50%, then the image size is 338 X 507 pixels, click OK.

3. Once again run the image size command, the choice of the "Keep Original Size", will be from the original resolution of 72dpi to 200dpi, the image saved as dog.tif.

4. Open the Corel TEXTURE, new blank texture (Figure 18).

5. From the File menu, select "Image Setup" command, unit Pixels, resolution of 72 pixels / inch, width and height were 338 and 507 pixels. (Figure 19)

6. Now, you can add texture effect of this picture. In the default case, started with the screen on the shape and structure of the layer dialog box. In Algorithm select Bump Map (Figure 20).

7. Click No Picture button and select a picture from then pop up dialog box, choose the path we have just saved dog.tif, note the file type to select the TIFF 24-bit (*. tif). If you do not see the texture effect, on the left click on Stretch the first button, then click the third, so that the texture effect is appear in the preview window. Mobile Height slider, select the appropriate relief height (Figure 21).

8. Click the lighting level will be open all three light sources, lighting effects enhanced. You can also redefine the light source position. (Figure 22)


9. Now we come to see the effect. Select Texture / Render to Window, open the image preview, and now the image, like a cast of lead, which can not work. We have to make some, it becomes more attractive. (Figure 23)

10. Back to the texture window, click the shading layer, from the Algorithm drop-down menu, select "Picture", click No Picture button, again loading dog.tif, from the preview window you can see the image change (Figure 24), will now be saved as tif format texture image (Figure 25).

This relief effect can make your image interesting changes occurred. If you choose to use magic texture Logo started this relief effect, options let you choose a picture (usually a logo) to. After trying this method, I found both the images start from a ready-made, or from the use of magic to create a basic background, and texture, can have more control options to create different textures. Upon the completion of a background, we can use in the Bump Map to create a relief effect bitmap.

Let us continue to fulfill our business cards now! From CorelDRAW comes with the second CD, select a CDR format clip art (Figure 26), to convert it to a TIF format, grayscale images, and then put it in the wood just created in the image of the Bump Map (Figure 27). Here, we do not like just did this again in the shade level grayscale. Finally, Corel Photo-Paint then add some text in the image, this card and you're done. (Figure 28)

Now, I hope you have love on the Corel TEXTURE. You will find, to create an exquisite texture is no longer a headache to do, the only restricted, I am afraid only of your imagination! .

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